Remarks By James Koni Managing Director At Ministry Of Health During The Contribution Of Materials For Cholera Prevention

Picture: Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Kennedy Malama (L) looks on as Atlas Mara Managing Director James Koni(R) hands over assorted items to Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit national coordinator Yande Mwape(C) as part of the organization’s contribution in the fight against cholera. Among the items donated were Litter Bins, PVC Gloves and Gumboots.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to the Ministry of Health for meeting with us today. Firstly, we would like to place our recognition to the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders for their concerted efforts towards Cholera awareness, mitigation and prevention. We salute you!

As Atlas Mara we have decided to partner with the Ministry of Health towards the efforts they have made to help curb the further spread of Cholera.

We acknowledge that government needs all stakeholders to work together towards this important cause.

Atlas Mara has a footprint of over 71 branches spread across the country and a customer base of over 250,000 with a workforce of over 800 employees. We recognize and acknowledge that this places a responsibility on us as an organization, hence we have taken extra measures at this time to ensure that our staff and customers that visit our branches in the affected areas are operating in a clean and safe environment.

As an organisation, we would like to ensure that we extend our efforts beyond our staff and customers but to the various communities in which we operate as well.

It is pertinent for us as partners to give back to the communities in which we operate, as healthy and active communities will be economically productive and therefore have an impact on long term business sustainability. As an organization, supporting various initiatives and causes is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policies as responsible corporate citizens.

As Atlas Mara we recognize the great efforts that Government has put in place to prevent further spread of Cholera and provide relief to those affected. We have come here to extend our contribution towards this partnership with 100 Liter Bins, 100 PVC gloves and 100 Gumboots to partner with the Ministry to fight cholera.

Further as an organisation, we have a water and sanitation programme which has been part of our Corporate Social Responsibility. We are currently scheduled to sink 10 boreholes per year in all the 10 provinces in Zambia over a (3) three year period. This is to promote clean and safe water in the communities. We believe this is also in line with preventing the spread of Cholera as we promote safe and clean drinking water for Zambians.

Therefore, we are passionate and committed to improving the quality and well-being of lives in the communities in which we operate in. We acknowledge that we can only improve and make a difference in our communities if we work together. We once again would like to commend the Ministry of Health for their efforts and encourage them to continue on this path.

Thank you.

James Koni