Achievers Plan

You need a plan to create wealth.
That’s success.

Saving and investing are very important for wealth creation and for you to achieve financial freedom.

Achievers Plan

Saving is the process of putting money aside in accounts. It is a passive activity and is more focused on the safety of one’s money and less concerned with return.
Investing is the process of using money (called ‘capital’) to buy an asset that you think will generate a safe and acceptable return over time, making you wealthier with each passing year.
Save for your retirement through the Achievers Plan and let us invest your savings and give you a good return.

Secure a comfortable retirement

Enjoy these other features:
Minimum Deposit K500
Minimum Monthly contributions K100
Minimum Investment period  6 months
Payouts Upon exit of employment or retirement

What is the Achievers Plan?
The Achievers Plan is the perfect retirement solution for you. It is a tailor made investment product that ensures you not only have a secure life after retirement but that you are able to maintain the lifestyle you are used to.

Whether you are in formal employment or not, you can put away a little money that will do big things for you and your family in the future.

How does it work?
• Minimum initial deposit of K500
• A minimum investment period of 6 months
• After the minimum investment period, you are allowed one redemption in a year, limited to 50% of market value of thee account
• Minimum monthly contribution of K100 with a maximum of what you require to achieve your investment needs.
• Payouts of accumulated contributions are made on exit of employment or upon retirement.
• Maturity date is the date of attainment of the retirement age

What are the benefits of this product?
• Financial independence and security in retirement
• Ability to pay yourself a monthly salary when you retire.
• Flexibility: You will be able to continue with your individual portfolio whenever you change employers.
• Access to dedicated fund Managers who will advise on investment portfolios.
• High interest rates to ensure your money grow.
• Alternative investment to pension provision

What do I need to apply?
• Two recent passport size photographs (2).
• Valid National Registration Card, passport or driver’s license.
• Proof of residence not older than 3 months: Tenancy Agreement and/or copy of utility bill (water/electricity/rates)
• Reference letter from an existing customer, employer and/or commissioner of Oaths.

Investment Avenues:
• Money Market Fund
• Fixed Market Fund
• Assets are invested in:
• Government bonds
• Treasury bills
• Bank deposits/NCDs
• Corporate bonds
• Local equity (Lusaka Stock Exchange)
• Commercial paper
Every contribution is a subscription into the underlying fund.

This is when an Investor purchases the units in the fund from the Fund Manager. Every withdrawal is redemption in the underlying fund.

This is when an investor sells units to the Fund Manager.

Pricing Methodology:
The unit price is calculated based on the net asset value (NAV) divided by the number of units in issue.

Unit prices are subject to investment disclaimers where unit prices as well as any income from them may either go up or down and investors are reminded that in certain circumstances their rights to their units may be suspended.
Atlas Mara Unit trust is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).