Digital Banking

When your phone is your
bank… that’s Digital Success.

Whatever your digital banking need, whatever your username,
your password to success is Atlas Mara.

Whether you need an interest-free Salary Advance, managing business payments and transfers or even just a small loan for emergencies.
You can do it all on your phone with Atlas Mara.

Our digital banking network allows you to send money to recipients on any mobile network and access your money from over 10,000
outlets nationwide.

Pay bills and buy airtime or data with Atlas Mara Mobile Banking and get rewarded every time you transact. Managing your savings in
now easier than ever, even without a bank account. With our Group Saver (Village Banking) and Micro Savings features on Tenga eWallet,
all you need is your phone and NRC number and you can start saving and earning interest.

Try out our range of digital banking services and discover why we are Zambia’s leading digital bank.

No matter your username, no matter your need, when it comes to digital and mobile banking, there is just one name that is the password
for them all – Atlas Mara.

Call 202 to find out more or click here to see what you need to open an account.