Global Markets and Treasury

Global Markets and Treasury

At Atlas Mara Bank, one of the many ways we measure success is your financial growth. We are always looking for opportunities for you to grow and maximize your return on investments with Atlas Mara Bank. Investing in bonds is your opportunity to grow. These investment securities are issued by the Government of Zambia and have sovereign backing. With bonds you enjoy the benefits of investment diversification, and better returns.

Benefits of investing with Atlas Mara Bank:

  • Investment diversification: Reduced risk and improved returns
  • Get better returns than traditional investments such as fixed deposits
  • Arbitrage opportunities: Allowing for gains resulting from interest rate movements

Investment in bonds is open to individuals and organisations with a minimum transactional amount of K1,000.

Global Markets and Treasury

  • The widest network of forex desks across Zambia
  • 24/7 rates via Mobile Banking
  • Forex desks in-branch at every major international border
  • Flexible rates
  • Longer trading hours at selected branches

Atlas Mara Bank global markets and treasury provide world-class treasury services and products that include spot and forward foreign exchange transactions. For all your import payments, collection of export proceeds, for payments of your child’s overseas education, for business and holiday travel, Atlas Mara Bank provides premium competitive foreign currency pricing rates for cash and telegraphic transfers.

*Available to customers & non-customers

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