Tenga Mobile Wallet


Entry level savings at more conducive rates. Start from 7 days savings to 1 year savings.


Simple self registration process, available in 7 local languages, access cash via atm, zoona outlets and AtMa branches, available on ussd, Android and Apple Apps.


Borrow small loan amounts for emergency and short term financing gaps at individual level.


Transfer funds to any local mobile number, Atlas Mara prepaid card, other banks; you can also receive funds into Tenga from any local bank account.


Pay your everyday bills, utilities and for goods and services (mVisa).


1.What is Tenga?

Answer: Tenga is a mobile wallet account that offers a financial solution for all Zambians holding an NRC and a local mobile number. The Tenga Mobile wallet solution has additional features and functionality with enhanced experience.

2. What do I need to register for Tenga?

Answer: Eligibility

  1. National Registration Card

3. How do I register?

Step 1:

i. Dial *360# and follow the instructions until 6 digit one time password (OTP) is received

Step 2:

ii. Dial *360# and enter the 6 digit OTP received to login

iii. Follow the instructions to change the one time password.

Step 3:

iv. Dial *360# and enter the password for successful registration

*Do you know you can also register for Tenga on any smart phone running Apple or Android operating system?

4. What can Tenga do for me?

i. Merchant payment You can pay for your bills.

ii. Transfer to mobileTransfer funds to any mobile number and the receiver can withdraw the cash from any Atlas Mara ATM, Branch and Zoona outlet nationwide.

iii. Transfers Using Tenga you can transfer funds to any Atlas Mara Prepaid Cards.

iv. Tenga Prepaid Visa Card Pay for your goods and services anywhere around the world using the Tenga Prepaid Visa Card.

v. You can Deposit cash at any Atlas Mara branch, and Zoona outlet nationwide.

vi. You can Withdraw cash at any Atlas Mara branch, ATM and Zoona Agent.

VII. Beneficiary maintenance. Store your monthly merchant bill information for ease of payments.

VIII. Micro Savings. Build your investment by opening a Savings account and earn interest.

IX. Micro Loans – Have access to small loans. Loans are available as long as you meet the qualification criteria as prescribed by the Bank.

5. How much will it cost me to be on Tenga?

Answer: You don’t need to pay to have an account, open an account at Zero cost and minimum balance required.

6. Is my money safe on Tenga Wallet from nauthorised access?

Answer: Yes, your funds are very safe on Tenga

After successfully changing the received OTP to your own password, you should ensure that you never share your password with anyone. Also, take care not to store your password on your phone or written down on a piece of paper or book were someone can have access to it. Always memorise the password.

7. How can I withdraw from a Zoona Agent booth?

Answer: Dial *360# and select option 1 “Get cash” You should start by creating your own one time password (OTP) from the Get Cash option by
selecting “withdraw from Zoona”. Go to the nearest Zoona agent and present the received OTP.

8. How can I deposit at a Zoona Agent booth?

Answer: Simply go to the nearest Zoona agent and give the agent your mobile number. The agent will confirm the Name and NRC number linked to the presented mobile number. If the details are correct, proceed by handing over cash to the agent.

9. Do I need to pay to transact from a Zoona Agent?

Answer: Deposit are free from any Zoona Agent locations you will however be charged for withdraws as per Zoona standard rates. See below price guide for reference;

No.Withdraw AmountFee
11 - 1003
2101 - 3008
3301 - 50010
4501 - 1, 00015
51, 0001 - 2, 00020
62, 001 - 3, 00025

10. Are other service on Tenga free?

Answer: Deposit are free from an Zoona Agent locations and Atlas Mara branches. See below price guide for reference;

1Balance EnquiryFree
2Mini StatementFree
3Pin resetFree
4Transfer - Account to WalletFree
5Transfer - Wallet to Atlas Mara AccountFree
6Transfer - Wallet to Prepaid CardFree
7Transfer -to Mobile7
8Transfer - Other local banks-DDAC10
9Transfer - Other local banks-RSTGS35
10Cash withdraw7
11Airtime purchase1
12Bill payments (Multi choice, topstar, Zuku1

11. How can I save for a future need?

Answer: Simply open an investment savings wallet account by dialling *360# and select option 7. Key in the amount you want to save and select the period
you intend to save for.

12. How do I qualify for a micro loan?

Answer: To qualify for a micro loan, you need to save and transact on the Tenga wallet. The level of savings and transactions done on the wallet is what
determines the amount you can qualify for.

13. How do I know how much I have qualified for based on my savings and level of transactions?

Answer: An SMS will be sent informing you that you are now eligible, and will state how much you qualify for

14. What is the maximum loan amount I can qualify for?

Answer: K2, 000.00

15. Over what period can I repay my loan?

Answer: This loan is payable over a 30-day period

16. How much interest do I pay on a Micro loan?

Answer: No interest is charged, only a processing fee of 5%, charged upfront

17. For assistance, who do I reach out to?

Answer: For further information, call us on 202 available on all networks

18. For assistance, who do I reach out to?

Answer: For further information, call us on 202 available on all networks